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Finding Motivation: Running Alone and Moving Forward

Updated: 5 days ago

I started out this week by making a personal decision to simply go out and exercise. It wasn't easy and this time it had to come from within.

In the past, there were friends and running groups to keep me motivated. I could run knowing that Philip was home waiting for me. But now, things are different.

It's been almost 11 months since Philip died. Never having gone through this before, I did not realize how much loss one could still feel even after nearly a year. But it is still ever-present in my mind. Memories stir in my mind, and tears flow at the most unexpected times.

Who would even know or care whether I get out to run (or simply walk, at this point).

So the part that needs for me to dig deep is going out alone without others to keep me motivated. Here are top ten ways to make the journey easier when alone.

  1. Plug in your earbuds and listen to music or podcasts

  2. Text a friend that you intend to go out the day before

  3. Start a calendar and record your runs.

  4. Visualize your run and make it happen in your mind.

  5. Plan the clothes you need to wear and lay them out.

  6. Don't overthink it - just go.

  7. Don't set up expectations for failure - only completion.

  8. Find a beautiful and inspiring place to run.

  9. Plan to treat yourself to a dessert coffee after your run.

  10. Blare upbeat and motiving music before you venture out.

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