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Rediscovering My "Why": A Reflection on Running and Life

Updated: 5 days ago

April 23, 2023

This picture was taken on my run today. It was the first time back on the path in many months. In fact, I haven't been on a serious run for a few years now. But after talking with Rebekah last night, she encouraged me to rediscover my "why."

Yes. The "why" is everything in life. For me, it has changed over the years and, quite honestly, I lost it over the years with all that has occurred in my life. The picture, in particular may look vast and beautiful. And, it is. But what caught my eye is the small, single hot air balloon that float in the distance. You can't see it here, but it is there!

The balloon was alone in the sky. It didn't need others to launch, but the person(s) who launched the balloon found a way to make it happen. They had their "why" and found a way.

Such is with life and finding that inner "why" for doing what it is we want to accomplish. There may be others around to keep us motivated, but it really does come down to digging deep within oneself to launch a dream or accomplish a goal.

And so here is the balloon floating on its own. The view must be spectacular.

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