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My First Safari: A Journey Through Okapuka Safari Lodge

I’ve seen many amazing photos from friends and family who experienced a safari, but nothing compares to going out for the first time yourself. During our last weekend of training, the Peace Corps treated us to a safari at Okapuka Safari Lodge.

A note about the photos: most of them were taken with my phone camera (so the quality isn't the best), but the better ones are from Fitz, and for those, I give the most credit!

On this particular safari, we saw warthogs, giraffes, white hippos, ostriches, oryx (Namibia's national animal), zebras, springboks, and pukus.

While we didn't see all of Africa's Big 5, I'm sure I will eventually see them all by the time my year is up. I plan to travel to Etosha National Park in northern Namibia during my stay, hopefully when one of the kids comes to visit, where I will likely see lions and elephants. I also understand that the place to see Namibia's famous cheetahs is at the Cheetah Conservation Fund. So, more safaris to come...

Here are a few highlights from my first safari...

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Fran Schneider
Fran Schneider
Jun 20

Lynn, I am so inspired to see these photos and all the information going along with it. I kinda feel I'm taking the journey with you. Keep going and know how much everyone here loves you, thinks about you and look forward to every day of your journey! Hugs, smiles, cares...

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