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So Many to Thank...Baie Dankie!

Updated: 5 days ago

I wanted to create a special post just to say "thank you" to so many special people who have truly been a source of inspiration and support for this journey.

The six months leading up to my departure date were quite the whirlwind with visits to Austin, Waupun, Glenwood, Eagle, and Evergreen just to grab one final hug before I took off for the year.

Of course, all of this wouldn't be possible without the constant love and support I continue to genuinely feel from Philip.

He has been my solid rock for 27 years of our marriage and continues to carry me through all of life's challenges and opportunities.

He taught me to love and live life to the fullest, and I miss him more than sometimes I can bear.

A gargantuan and heartfelt thank you to our three amazing kids – Erik, Kahri, and Rebekah – who embraced and supported my decision to take on this adventure from the initial Zoom call in December to the day I left.

Words can't begin to express how blessed and grateful I feel for each of you and all that you are in your own special, beautiful way. I love you FAFANMW!

And to Ron and Anna - we are so glad you are a special part of our family and so grateful you are part of our celebrations, challenges, and adventures. Here's to many, many more....

MOM – You are you a beacon of hope and spiritual inspiration in all that you say and do. A heartfelt thank you for watching Rio, monitoring my mail, sending replacement credit cards, and so much more!

I love you and your deep faith. God is keeping us all safe and Jeremiah 29:11 speaks truth in all of our journeys here on earth. Dad would be thrilled to have a dog in the house too!

Nestingens, Greilings, & Doerrs! - Philip and I talked so much about family and all the special memories we had over the years, from lefse making to camping! And now, without him, I thank you for keeping us all connected and sharing a glass of wine or shot of aquavit in memory of Philip whenever we can visit.

Many, many dear friends - Bill & Charlotte, Myra, Elaine, Kimberly, Fran, Suzanne, Jan, Sandy, Jackie, Kirsten, Bob & Colleen, Margaret & Dean (so bummed I didn't get a pix), and others that I was grateful to visit before I left.

I am so blessed for your friendship and unconditional love as forever friends. I can't thank you enough for allowing space in your life to journey with our family through the ups and downs that come with grief and loss to new life and adventures.

Colorado Columbine's Running Club - This club is amazing, and there's no other camaraderie in Denver or the world where one shares more than just a love for running, but deep friendships and a real sense of family.

You are an inspiration for endurance, strength, generosity, and genuine sisterhood that unconditionally grows with each step on our journeys along life's meandering trails! Keep on runnin' strong!

Neighbors in Roxborough - what a special community and neighborhood! Thank you, Rosa, Perry, and Todd, for your friendship, helping out with Rio, and welcoming me to your slice of paradise for 3.5 years! I will miss you!

Erin Sullivan and Kent Mueller - I can't thank you enough for all your friendship, encouragement, positive support, willingness to write so many letters of reference that finally led to this opportunity! Thank you, thank you!!

Pastor Vera and Pastor Julie - I am humbled by your care, prayers, and blessings in preparation for this trip, and for continuing to keep our family close in prayer while I am away.

And to PV for your unconditional love and for being there for Philip, me, and our family through the most difficult time in our lives. We love you so much and thank you!!

Finally, thanks for a super fun send-off with everyone, including a special visit from my niece Amy, nephew Robert, and my Colorado daughter, Izzy!

And one final shout out to 12 years old, you know that life is an adventure and sometimes you just gotta jump at the chance to go....we love you and know you're in good hands with Grandma!

Here's to livin' in the moment....HIC ET NUNC!

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