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Personal & PC Disclaimers

Updated: Jun 13

One of the most challenging aspects of writing a blog, or as I prefer to call it, "Reflections," is the need to remain entirely open and vulnerable. That alone is scary enough to stop me in my tracks from posting anything. However, I have five sayings that I plan to rely on as I open myself up to the world...

  1. Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

  2. GTJD - Get the Job Done

  3. The only GOOD grant/dissertation/post is a DONE one!

  4. No Fear, No Regrets

  5. You can't finish unless you start!

While I don't always live and breathe these, I will try my best at digging deep to GTJD no matter what obstacles, disappointments, hurdles, or fears get in my way.

So, with that said, here are a few disclaimers to cover ALL of my posts, pictures, etc.

1). The contents of this website are mine personally and do not reflect the U.S. Government or Peace Corps.

2). I accept full responsibility for misplaced commas, incomplete sentences, and an excessive use of punctuation marks...!!! Everything you find on this website is straight from the heart, and I promise to let go of perfectionism and share my journey without filtering for fear of judgment, mistakes, or failure.

I may ramble in the weeds with flowery words, too many adjectives, mismatched adverbs, few typos, and otherwise awkward grammar, but my goal is to "show and not tell" through photos and reflections of my journey here in Namibia (and maybe beyond). I also have to say that this is my own personal experience in the Peace Corps, and it is obviously very different from what others may experience or encounter as a Volunteer.

There you have it...totally vulnerable and willing to make a fool of myself if necessary to share my story! Let's hope I don't fall too hard as a victim of my critical inner ogre...


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